Thursday, 22 June 2017

What's going on with 1GAM

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We missed last week's blog but I’ll catch you up on what we have been doing and what our plans are for the future.

So in my last blog I talked about our choose your own adventure noir detective game titled She Whispers In Shadows that we started developing as part of the 1GAM (One GameAMonth) challenge that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. Well let’s just say things don’t always go as well as planned and we are not going to reach our deadline for May, obviously.

That said we do still plan to finish She Whispers In Shadows as we think it is an interesting concept for a choose your own adventure title. We will start with a short demo that showcases the type of gameplay that can be expected while we finish off the rest of the script for all of the possible endings. Once She Whispers In Shadows has been finished we plan to move back to developing Trapped, our Gear VR horror title.

During April we created the demo for Trapped and released it via our website until we could finish the full version. But since we committed to the 1GAM challenge we moved on from the game quickly to keep up with the challenge even though we felt like it was the best title to come from the challenge thus far.

Recently we have decided that we will no longer be developing games as part of the 1GAM challenge and instead we will focus entirely on updating the game we have already completed. This will allow us to add features we couldn’t within the timeframe and allow us to have a longer deadline rather than sticking to the 1 month development schedule we had during the challenge. I thought it would be best to go through the changes we have planned for our currently released titles to give you all an idea of what we will be doing.

I’ll start with our idle game Qbits since that was our first 1GAM title, and there are very few changes we want to make to this title. The main problem with Qbits is the math involved with game progression, eventually the game plays itself requiring no input from the player while they gain exponentially more money making the game exponentially easier. This is a relatively easy problem to solve, once the correct equations are made the game will be at the state we wanted to release it at initially. However, we would like to further update the game with more upgrades and playability as the upgrade system at the moment is a basic version of what we planned to add during development.

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Next up is Echoes of Hope, our narrative experience we created in February. Echoes of Hope was always meant to be a project that focused on sensitive issues, dealing with them in a mature but gentle way. We created this project in the hopes that in comforting issues that many people around the world may be facing, could help them through the difficult times in their lives. Our future plans for this project is to continue to add more chapters, each of which dealing with another mental or physical illness people around the world suffer from while trying to give support and help to both the victim and their friends and family.

Our March titled Late Panda is the memory-infinite runner hybrid we made to give our Late Panda mascot a face and game. This was our plan far back in University when we initially started Late Panda we wanted to make a project that included the Late Panda itself. In the future we may update this title however, the updates would be minor for this game as we were able to add all the features we wanted to this title during its initial development.

Finally our Gear VR horror title Trapped. We have a lot of plans for this title, from including more varied levels, to updating the gameplay to focus more on the narrative side. We would also like to release the title on more VR devices such as Oculus and HTC Vive however, this would be much later in the project's development as we want to finish the Gear VR version first and get feedback from the users giving us the opportunity to create an even better version for the other devices.


I’ll leave She Whispers In Shadows plans out of this as the demo is not out yet and I don’t want to spoil the gameplay or narrative of the project.

We had a lot of fun during the 1GAM challenge and highly recommend that if you are an aspiring game developer that you get involved. It gives you the opportunity to see what you are capable of achieving over a short period of time and forces you to think outside the box in order to develop the title you would like to. If you are still a student and would like to move into game development I would suggest doing the challenge during your academic year. The projects that you make during the challenge may even be suitable for your classwork, and the challenge will keep you motivated to continue developing outside of your study time. By the end of your course you may end up with an extensive portfolio to showcase your abilities and you may even learn things from the challenge itself that you may not learn from any lecturer.

From the start of the 1GAM challenge our plan was always to extend our company portfolio. Each month we wanted to work on something that could showcase a particular talent but now we feel like we should focus more on the projects we have released and attempted to add a more quality experience to them. Like I said above, I highly recommend any developer gets involved in the challenge as there are many things someone can learn from something like this.

This is getting a little long for my liking but I’ve made all my points now so I’ll leave it off here.

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