Thursday, 4 May 2017

What we made from a nightmare

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So today I wanted to do a brief “sequel” to my previous blog titled “Where does inspiration come from?” in this blog I wanted to talk about the inspiration behind our current VR project Trapped.

Trapped came from a nightmare I had before we started development, where I was stuck in a black room unable to see while being chased by some kind of force. I was only able to feel and hear my way throughout the room attempting to escape from the force. When I awoke my first thought was, “that would make a cool game” and after discussing the nightmare with Ellie we agreed to create this project.

After deciding this would be the project we develop, we planned out the design of the game, focusing on the sound assets and how the player would use them to navigate throughout the level. The idea of this game was to create something that would give the experience of a blind person attempting to navigate through several areas. Ellie then suggested that the project be a VR title as we have the tech to create a GearVR game and lack any titles in this field, which would make the experience more immersive for the players.

We have been developing a short demo version of this project as a proof of concept and give us the ability to test the game with the players getting feedback that we can then take into the full release version of the title. This demo will be available very soon on the GearVR device for free however, due to it being a concept demo there will be bugs, and unfinished details of the game.

After we have tested the concept demo with the players and gained any feedback we will be implementing the full version of the game. This will include a narrative experience, multiple levels and new gameplay mechanics we were unable to implement into this demo version. We will be releasing this finished version onto the GearVR and Android devices once completed however we will still not be finished with this project. Our final future plans for this game would be to release a full working version of the game onto Steam available for the Oculus Rift VR headset as well as including controller support that will make input easier and more intuitive.

We decided to make this project as part of the 1GAM as the general focus of the challenge was to create something each month that would expand our game catalog and create a more diverse platform of titles under our name. We hope that you enjoy Trapped in all it’s versions, keep an eye on our social media (all links below) to find out when each version is coming and any other future titles.  

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