Wednesday, 24 May 2017

She Whispers In Shadows

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since I made a blog post, but I have been ill for a while now and only recently started getting better.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about our 1GAM (OneGameAMonth) project we started for May. Firstly due to my illness and being unable to get anything done and with Ellie busy with her own thing, we found ourselves with very little development time this month.

So, we decided we would focus on something smaller and easier to produce: a text based adventure game. With that general concept floating around we began brainstorming ideas for the storyline and mechanics of play. This is when we decided that not only would it be a text based adventure but we would create a “Choose your own adventure” type of story. This would allow us to keep the players engaged in the game itself, becoming a part of the story. We took inspiration from Ian Livingstone’s book series “Fighting Fantasy” where the reader would be taken through a tale making their own choices to ultimately win or fail. As a child I loved this series and would always go back to the book to find out how else the story could end.

We thought that this would be perfect for a mobile game. We immediately got to work on the mechanics of play at this point, deciding how the player would interact with the story and how much flexibility could be implemented into the game. We also created other features that the books would not be able to implement as well as a game could.

After the basic mechanics were decided we then moved onto the theme of the game story. We didn’t want to recreate the same experience that Fighting Fantasy produced, with the player taking control of a character in a fantasy land with goblins and creatures not of this world. Instead we focused on creating a film Noir type world, where the player will take control of a detective attempting to solve a mystery they have found themselves pulled into against their will. This would create a more realistic environment and allow us to focus more on the character and mystery of the story, rather than the world building and creature creation.

Writing a story like this is a very different experience for me. I thrive more in the fantasy realm of storytelling, where the entire universe is at my binding and allowing me to create anything I could imagine. Creating a narrative that is based in the real world restricts me to abiding by the real nature of our planet and all the creatures on it. However, I have enjoyed this challenge greatly I think it is always a great idea to get outside your comfort zone when it comes to writing, if you spend all your time writing in the same genre then eventually your writing may go stale. Stepping outside your comfort zone may allow you to produce a game or story that players could really enjoy, but it also helps you to learn different types of writing styles and methods which only expands your knowledge more.

We have titled this game "She Whispers In Shadows" and it will be coming to Android devices very soon.

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