Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Late Panda by Late Panda

Hey everyone,

How about we talk about our 1GAM for March? It is a hybrid of a memory test game and infinite runner game. You play as the Late Panda who must run through the jungle, as quickly as they can while avoid the dangerous obstacles in order to get home. The player must commit the pattern of obstacles to memory while reaching as far as they possibly can. We titled this game Late Panda as a reference to a personal in-joke between Ellie and I about the music track Bad Company performed by the band Bad Company on their self titled album Bad Company.

After we made the narrative focused game Echoes of Hope we wanted to spend last month creating a more simple project focused on mechanics similar to our goal with QBits. So we started with a theme of a game and arrived on something along the lines of Flappy Bird mixed with the Simon memory colour game.  After some time, we decided the obstacles that the player avoids should be what makes up memory part of the game, giving the player a list of the obstacles they need to memorise before the first obstacle is encountered.

For this project we required art assets that I have never created before, namely - spritesheets. After creating the initial first frame of the panda I had to spend some time creating each subsequent frame. Each of these frames took me some time to get it right and even now I’m not entirely happy with the spritesheet I had to create for the Panda. After I completed the spritesheet for the panda we had decided that the upper obstacle would be a flying bird which required another spritesheet, which after completing the Panda spritesheet and thinking myself finished this hit me hard.

We also decided that we would integrate the Google Play services but we encountered some issues. That said I think I’ll leave that for Ellie to talk about in her blog next week. I’m sure she will go into depth about the issues she had.

So moving on from that, since our plan for the entire 1GAM challenge was to create a feature in each game that would be useful for future projects, I’ll discuss what feature we made for Late Panda. With the know-how on the implementation of Google Play services it will allow us to create titles in the future that can span multiple platforms. We will also be able to create a more social type game via the Facebook Gameroom which we familiarised ourselves with during this project. We also created achievements for Late Panda and familiarised ourselves with this system and what we could do in the future to create better achievements.

The Late Panda game is currently available on Android and will soon be available on our website and Facebook Gameroom.

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