Wednesday, 15 March 2017

1GAM March - Late Panda Game

Hey everyone,

So this week I would like to talk about the project we are developing as part of our 1GAM challenge for March.

Before I get into that though I would like to discuss my thoughts on the 1GAM challenge as a whole so far. We have developed two full projects so far Echoes of Hope and Qbits, the former a narrative based adventure about dealing with suicide and the latter a idle based tapping game we developed to ease into the challenge. We aim to create different projects each month, not only to expand our portfolio, but also to help us develop more games in the future due to the modularity with Unity. We understand that these projects we are creating are very short games and do not hold to the same caliber as current mobile games or our own Skorian Tales. However, as I said the projects are meant to build up the portfolio and assist us with future projects by reusing some mechanics from these projects.

That all said, let’s talk about our March game. We decided we wanted to build a game for our company mascot “Late Panda”. After some pitching we came up with an infinite runner type game with the “Panda” realising it is “Late” only to run through a forest aiming to reach their goal.

We will be releasing this game onto Android as well as making it available on our website. The Panda will gradually increase speed as the game continues dodging the obstacles as they appear making the game more difficult as time goes on.

The game will feature a cartoon like artistic style we think is most suitable for the theme of this game. We can use the mechanics of this game to create other types of infinite runner games that we may develop for outside companies in the future.

We also created a game directory built into this project to allow us to signpost to future or past projects in one place. This can allow our entire backlog of developed titles to be available to any player or any of our games throughout our company lifetime.  

So I’ll leave off this blog with some shameless self promotion, as I said earlier during this 1GAM challenge we have released two projects so far; Echoes of Hope and Qbits.

Echoes of Hope is a narrative based adventure with two characters, one coping with suicide and the other a friend desperately trying to help them through this difficult time. We created this project in hopes we could help someone currently going through these issues or if they know someone who is.

Qbits is a mechanic based idle game we created to ease into the challenge, it features an upgrade system the player uses to become stronger and stronger in order to clear the faces of a cube. We took inspiration for the game from Curiosity, but we wanted to create a game that players could enjoy and use to relieve some stress.

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