Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Did you know about 1GAM? It stands for One Game A Month. It’s a challenge that lasts a year and it’s pretty simple really. Make one game per month for twelve months. The rules are pretty relaxed, in fact, on the website under “Rules” it simply states “There are no rules. This is a personal challenge. Have fun and be nice.”. Then the page goes on to clarify that there are still no rules. You can read it here if you like

So... We’re taking on the #1GAM challenge. I believe we have a pretty awesome team here at Late Panda and given the time constraints of the challenge, I’m betting that we can come up with some pretty unique concepts and turn them into pretty engaging little games. Not to mention that this challenge will train us to better handle feature creep and scope.

We decided to do this around about mid January ‘17 and after a long meeting we concluded the kind of a game we should realistically be able to develop in half a month.

I present to you now, our WIP (Work in Progress).


Basically it’s going to be a therapeutic tapping game where you tap away at the bits until you’ve broken all the bits. If you remember 22Can’s Curiosity, you would work at a team to break layers and layers of their cube until you released Peter Molyneux, who was trapped inside. We’re not planning to hold anybody hostage inside our cube though and because we’re working with such a small timeframe we won’t be implementing multiplayer. So we decided to include some idle game mechanics inside to help you along. For example you can unlock special abilities that will automatically destroy bits for you.

Until now we’ve mainly been working on the logistics of having so many bits in the game. Obviously we can’t just instantiate a million cubes in one go. So we’ve been doing some calculations.


Hopefully, if we can balance optimizations and gameplay in time, you should be seeing QBITS either online or on Android.

I’d like to say thanks to McFunkyPants (Christer Kaitila) for creating this awesome challenge. Here’s hoping that by this time next year we’ll have 12 small games available for you all to play.

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Ellie xx

"If you stumble, make it part of the dance" - Author Unknown