Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Post House of the Risin' Jam

Hey everyone,

I know this blog is a bit late, but after our game jam I was very tired yesterday and didn’t get around to the blog. We thought that one day late wouldn’t be too bad, so I thought I would talk about our House of the Risin’ Jam over the weekend.


So last weekend we hosted the House of the Risin’ jam, it was a simple Game Jam the only rules were to start at 7pm on Friday and finish 7pm on Sunday with the theme “Turtles”. On Friday we got the Late Panda team together and started working on our project.

We spent the first day working on the concept of the game, deciding to create a puzzle heavy short game aimed at children. The puzzles would be used to educate the player about animals in a wildlife park using the plaque and images of the animals to ask the player questions. Over Saturday and Sunday we developed two puzzles for the game, a simple word search and a tile slider puzzle. We also added short dialogue exchange between an aquarium staff member and a nascit that would ask the player to complete the puzzles to improve the park.

Once we submitted this project we found that another user “xRenanZx” had developed a game for our Jam called “Oliva in the sea”. This game features 5 levels where the user plays as a turtle called “Olivia” and will collect turtle coins while avoiding the dangerous animals of the sea. Once the player reaches the end of the level they are rated based on the number of the turtle coins they have collected. Touching any of the other creatures will result in losing a life, if all lives are lost then it is game over.

It was very nice to see someone else developing for our game jam, we didn’t think anyone would submit any projects as we didn’t speak about it much on Twitter or Facebook instead only making a Blog post about it.

So what are our future plans? Well we are going to continue working on Skorian Tales but before that we wanted to finish up this Game Jam game. Our plans was to have more puzzles, dialogue, characters and GPS location detection that could be used to identify when a player is nearby a particular exhibit.

In summary I think the Game Jam was very successful, although we didn’t reach the level I wanted us too but we only had one weekend to develop the game to the level it is at, so I am not surprised. I am very happy that someone else joined and completed the jam it was very nice to see.

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