Tuesday, 22 November 2016

House of the Risin' Jam

If you read Stephen’s blog “Let’s talk about game jams”, which you should have done, then you’ll know a little about what we’re planning. If you haven’t then you should read it now, then come back to this one.

So here’s the plan. We’re doing a private Game Jam this weekend 25th - 27th called House of the Risin’ Jam. The blog this week is going to talk about our plans for this event and then I’m guessing Stephen will do some kind of analysis about the event next Tuesday.


You know we’re official because I made a logo and a Jam page over at itch.io you can check out here for a countdown https://itch.io/jam/hotrj.

Why would you do a game jam?
Well, firstly they’re fun. Honestly though, Skorian Tales is a huge undertaking and we decided to just take a weekend away to build something quick and fun. Most of our team have attended game jams in the past so we know what we’re getting into. We clearly like a good challenge.

How can we keep up with your progress?
We’re planning on streaming the event via Twitch. Although, we’ve never actually streamed anything before so we have until Friday to figure that out. We’ll also be tweeting pretty regularly. We’ll be using the hashtag #HOTRJ over the weekend. During a game jam people barely have time to eat but somehow we find the time to tweet. You can follow us @latepandastudio and we’ll tweet the Twitch link out if we get it working in time.

Who is allowed to participate?
I mentioned earlier that this was a private game jam but feel free to join in and make a game over the weekend in a team or by yourself. We’ll be posting the theme on Twitter on Friday the 25th at 19:30. You can also join the itch.io page and submit your game if you so wish to do so.

See you on Friday ;)

Hope you enjoyed that. You can follow Late Panda all over the internet

Ellie xx

“Time is the capital of your life, so spend it wisely” -  Tony Robbins

p.s. Shout out to my Dad who's celebrating his 53rd birthday today. Hope you have a great day <3 xx