Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Why and how I became a designer

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So in light of Ellie’s last blog, I thought I would talk about what makes someone a designer or at the very least what made me a designer.

I guess it all starts with my childhood, like most parents my father always told me bedtime stories. Only he wouldn’t use a book, my father always told stories he would make up on the spot. He would bring me and my brothers into the story as active parts, and anytime one of us did something in the story he would turn to them and say something like “guess what you did next” if we replied with something he liked he would use it, if not then he would make something else better. These stories always put us all to sleep, which is impressive when you can put three children to sleep with one story all at the same time.

When I was growing up I would play using sticks with my friends using them as swords or guns and playing out a story or a quest. Like a truly interactive video game using characters we would assign to ourselves and creating NPCs with other friends or even just imagining them. Mostly though we would focus on combat between each other lacing groups of friends onto two teams and playing out a battle.

I always found myself to be the one that came up with the story we would follow alongside one of my best childhood friends. One day my friends and I played out the story of some children attending a school that focused on training them for a world filled with dangerous monster. We found ourselves battling a dangerous powerful sorcerer, joining another school to finally take them down. If this story synopsis sounds familiar, that’s because it is the same story synopsis of Final Fantasy VIII, I stand by the fact that I came up with it first so Square Enix (Squaresoft) owes me some royalty, heheh.  

To get back on topic while in high school I wrote short stories to amuse myself, which in hindsight were not really that great. However they did have a solid base which could be built on. Some of these stories may become my future titles, others sadly will never be good enough. I moved onto college and University were I learned more about game development and what really goes into game design.

Now I find all aspects of game design enthralling, from character and environmental design to user interface and experience. I can’t help but dive into the depths of game design creating everything to make the world more real. However I find game narrative design the most engaging to develop as it allows me to create a story just like my father did when I was young or the games I would play as a child, this is what made me a designer and I can’t see myself doing much else.

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