Tuesday, 4 October 2016

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So I want to start off by making it clear, we are not paid by Google to write this article. I recently saw an advertisement for the playbook for developers app on YouTube while watching a Let’s Play and thought that it sounded helpful. After playing with the app for a few days I wanted to talk about why I think the general concept of the app is a great idea for developers and some of my favourite features of the app.

The reason I believe that the app is a great idea is because it allows developers to communicate globally with little to no effort. It almost feels like a social media app specifically for developers, and sure there are many examples of these however most are in a much smaller scale. Allowing the developers to share their knowledge with other developers will provide the opportunity to create new experiences for users creating much better apps in the future.

Once you download the app you are able to personalise what content you see if that be game, news or educational apps, this personalisation allows the user to see articles and videos catered to their specific interests. The user is also able to save playbook tips to their device to allow them to refer back to them at any point. You can also share playbook tips via text message, social media, email etc allowing for a vast distribution to their own network of developers.

If you find yourself more interested in a specific topic you can open your category menu exploring each of the categories themselves. These are; develop, launch, engage, grow and earn. Each category gives you playbook tips, articles and videos exploring the topic from the perspective of other developers. This can assist new developers, giving them advice on how to create their apps, or even run a small company.

I know this blog is much shorter than our usual blogs but I just wanted to chat about this app, I think it was a great concept and I really hope it gets the attention that it deserves.

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