Tuesday, 9 August 2016

4TG Games Con 2016

So last weekend Late Panda exhibited at 4TG Games Con 2016 in Aberdeen. This was a new event that set out to celebrate 24 hours of gaming over the 6th and 7th of August. We were invited to exhibit by managing director at SEM Events Ltd Alexa Scott.

This exhibition couldn’t have come at a better time for us as it fell just one week after Resonate in Glasgow so I’d like to call this the last stop in our first ever, despite brief, Scottish tour of Skorian Tales.

The majority of our marketing budget was spent on Resonate so unfortunately we could only attend 4TG for 1 day. To get to Aberdeen we took the 03:15 megabus from Glasgow, slept on the bus for 3 hours and then walked the 3.1 miles to the AECC at 06:40 in the morning. This was honestly the best plan we could come up with at the time so we had to travel light. Our booth was set up with the familiar  Moams, business cards and badges along with simply my laptop.

As we’d arrived at the venue so early (3 hours early) we could go for a wander around the event.
3 hours before opening
We also found BB-8
The event itself was packed with things to do, see and play with. There were board games, retro games, Esports, Youtubers, cosplayers and of course the indie zone.

The feedback we got from everyone who’d played Skorian Tales was the same as at Resonate. You can read our previous blog if you’d like to see how people were reacting to our pre-alpha.

We also had time to network with our fellow indie developers; iSandbox, Kandocorp and Alan Caleb from Dare the Monkey.

iSandbox is a sandbox with a projector above it. They can detect the height of the sand and project a terrain map on top of it so for example you could pile up the sand, the software would detect the pile and render something like a volcano. This is an experience that you really have to play with to get the full impact.


Kandocorp is a 2D multiplayer platformer built in Unity. If you’ve ever played Super Meat boy and thought the levels were too easy this is the game for you!

We were stationed next to Dare the Monkey so whenever things quietened down we would end up chatting about the games industry or Pokémon Go. He’s developed a 2D platformer for children that I’ll link to below.

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I hope you enjoyed that,
Ellie xx

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