Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Prototype

Hey again everyone,

So against my best wishes Ellie talked about Game of Thrones in the last blog, very cheeky. Hope you all enjoyed her talk about Bert Wednesdays though, we had a ton of fun.

Before I get into the blog today I would like to talk about our vision for Skorian Tales. At the end of the year we are aiming to create a mobile role playing game, with an engaging narrative experience similar to console/PC titles, that can be played for 5 minutes or even 5 hours by any type of gamer. The user interface will focus more on playability making it easy for anyone to pick up and play the game however, the background game mechanics, lore and extra game features make the game more complex for the avid gamer to enjoy.

Due to the complexity of our vision we will need to start small, so we will begin with our prototype. in the next few weeks we will be releasing a Pre-Alpha of Skorian Tales onto the Google Play store for free. This is so we can test the core features of the game and get feedback from our potential audience.

As I said this release is a prototype, so most of the game features are still absent. We will be releasing updates for it over the next year to include more mechanics, characters, monsters, environments and a full fleshed out storyline as well as releasing the game onto Apple and a web browser version. We wish to take our development slowly and gradually build up the game over a prolonged period of time, with your help, to allow us to create the best possible version of Skorian Tales that we can.
Old user interface

New redesigned user interface
If you would like to be involved in the test group, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you updated about the release of the prototype, the next updates for the game and any other company information like these blog posts. Anyone that subscribes to the newsletter will be involved with the game’s development throughout the entire project. There will be no extra cost to be involved, we will just keep you updated via email whenever a new update is ready and if you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email us at any time with suggestions to improve Skorian Tales.

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