Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Back from GDC

Hey everyone,

The biggest news I have for you all is that Late Panda attended GDC (Game Developer Conference) from the 14th-18th of March.

The entrance to GDC north hall
We attended under the Scottish Pavilion with several other Scotland based companies ranging from the metal and rock inspired Team Rock to creature and sound effect specialists Krotos. We spent most of the conference in meetings but we were able to test some of the other games in the expo hall.

Scottish Pavilion under construction

The logos of all the Scotland attendees (hint: second row down 4th from the right side)
VR (Virtual Reality) was a major focus at the event, we saw several different devices like Google’s Cardboard, Sony’s PSVR or “Project Morpheus” and of course the Oculus Rift. We even played a few games on the systems like “The Climb” and a bow and arrow based target game which used the STEM system peripherals as the bow and arrow, making the game much more immersive.

Before the conference started we were able to see some of the major tourist attractions. We even walked all the way across the golden gate bridge, and watched the sun set over the pacific ocean.

The Goldern Gate Bridge. Our advice: don’t walk across it, it’s long
Sunset over the pacific
While at the event we mainly focused on what our current game will be in the future using the showcase video we have on our website we talked about the features that we will be adding to the game in the future and what our vision for the entire game will be.

Now that we are back in the UK we are working hard to release the demo of the game, we will update you all soon about the development progress as well as a release schedule that should give you an idea of our plans for the future.

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