Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone!

So we missed the last Blog.

We have been VERY busy, both with Late Panda and personal lives. I would have posted this blog yesterday but I’m in the process of moving house.

We have been working hard on the development of the game, gameplay features have been added for our combat system. Although they are currently all backend and no visual reference that they occur but we are getting there. Our artwork is coming along nicely as well so I thought I would show off our “group photo”. From right to left we have the Riŋ, Parua and the Skrig.

We have also been filling out paperwork to attend GDC (Game Developer Conference) March ‘16. We are using the #GoDo award from Entrepreneurial Spark we talked about last time, to fund our trip to San Francisco and attending under the SDI (Scottish Development international) Pavilion.

Unfortunately our game will not be released for the holidays but I’m sure you already have your gifts planned. We thought you might like to see what our office xmas tree looks like. I took this picture from the reception and it stretches all the way to the second floor. Do you think it’s too much?

We hope you all have a great holiday, we will be working hard on our game and keep you all updated on its progress and let you know when we plan to release the first version.

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Thanks for reading,

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