Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Conventions and Expos

Hi again, I know this Blog is a little late we had quite a lot on yesterday and Blogging fell through the gaps.

However don't worry Late Panda is back with yet another update, let's start off with the Vlog. We were going to keep doing a bi-weekly Vlog just like this Blog however, they take much more time to produce and it didn't receive as many views as the Blogs do. We will instead produce a Vlog whenever we release an update for the game and describe what has been added to that version.

Now we will move onto the progress with our game codenamed "LPG", as I said last time I have been working on the level design for the first in game city. Currently I am using assets from the Unity store to plan the layout of the assets that we will create.

Ellie has been working on the character controller class, this allows us to directly control each character in the game and what their actions will be. Ellie has also been working on an animation controller for the character animations which really brings the game to life.

Leonardo has been working on our other character models and their animations which are all looking great.

Christopher has been able to complete the current version of the soundtrack and the sound effects that we require for our first version. However we will be expanding on the soundtrack later so if you feel like you want more, do not fret more is coming.

Now we need to ask you all for a favour, we are looking to get a small group of early adopters included in our development. These early adopters would get exclusive access to the game before its release to help give us feedback on the core mechanics of the game. However I should make it clear now, this is by no means a finished game; there is no story, assets are limited and gameplay is simple. That said we wish to include this small group of early adopters throughout our development time, this group can give us feedback on the game, telling us what we should add or remove and what does and does not work.

The main point of the early adopters to help us make the best game possible for our target audience, so if you enjoy playing games on your console with Fallout and the Final Fantasy series and wish you could experience an engaging narrative on the mobile platform please email us at beta@latepanda.com with the subject "Early Adopter" if you wish to be included in the development of the game.

So back to the update, we have expanded our team with a second artist.

Joe is a friend from University that is now involved with Late Panda, he helps us to develop the concept art for game characters and environment as well as creating the 3D models of the environment itself. Joe is an excellent artist and we are looking forward to working with him on this project.

We have also planned to attend several gaming conventions and expos such as GDC (Game Developer Conference) and UKGE (UK Games Expo) however these are strictly at the planning stage so don't go buying your tickets to see Late Panda, we might not actually be there.

We also recently heard of the 4 The Gamers Convention in Aberdeen in August 2016 which we may also be attending to promote our game.

That's all I have to say for now, see you all in two weeks!

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