Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hi from Late Panda

Hi there, Stephen here from Late Panda, I wanted to chat with you and thought a Blog would be the best way to do that. I don't want to bore you all with our business jargon so this isn’t going to be formal. As far as I see it you’re here to find out what we’re up to so I'll try to keep these posts to the point.

Intro out of the way I thought I could lead our first post with a little Late Panda history lesson. Now I know what you are thinking, "You just said that they wouldn't be boring us with formal chat and now I’m in a history lesson?" Well yeah pretty much, this is the first post after all, I want to talk about what we do and who we are. The best way to start a new relationship is to introduce yourself.

So Late Panda is a Glasgow game studio, that's right we are not based in Dundee! We started when Ellie (Our CEO) and I were in university. We were in a group project together. The project; design and develop a game in one year.

First semester focused on the design of the game while the second was pure development. The game was called Spy Green, and... we didn't finish it. We did however end up with a demo of what the game was supposed to be and many lessons learned. Don't jump in the deep end until you at least find out how deep the water actually is.

During the following summer we took Late Panda more seriously, we incorporated our name as LATE PANDA LIMITED and the company was born. We hired a student team and tried something new, we worked on a title called Brick Breakdown, which was going quite well until we started our final year at university. In Honours (fourth) year the academic workload had increased dramatically over previous years so Late Panda was, for the most part, forced to the side.

Fear not wonderful reader as our focus was poured back into the company after we left university. We found Leonardo (Artist), Christopher (Sound Engineer) and Joshua (Unity Developer) and began working full time. We updating our logo, began dealing with HMRC, development of our first official title codenamed LPG (Late Panda Game) and joined the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator.

For those who are unfamiliar Entrepreneurial Spark, is an accelerator based all over the UK and recently expanded to India. They offer free mentoring, office space and business development. Pretty much everything we were looking for. Since joining we've legitimised and focused our business goals, spoken to dozens of wonderful and interesting people, and turned Late Panda into a business we’re proud of.

Currently in our team :

Our artist who can create beautiful environments and chilling character models.

Our sound engineer , he can create professional complex music and sound effects for our games.

Our developer and CEO who has worked with SMEs since 2010 building web apps, games and developing software.

and finally,

Game designer and COO, I focus on the operations of the company making sure that everything that we do is in the best interest of the business as well as work on the game design itself.

We recently meet with the wonderful folks at Innovate Scotland, they specialise on giving advice to aspiring or current entrepreneurs. They created a profile on their website that gives more details on our history in a slightly more formal context.

Now you’re all up to speed! I have left out a few details but keep your eyes on us I'm sure you will find out soon enough. We have big plans!

Website: - www.latepanda.com
Facebook: - LatePanda
Twitter:- @latepandastudio
LinkedIn: - Late Panda Limited

Thanks for reading,

“The person who has the guts to ask themselves ‘Why?’ at least once a week, and be totally honest with themselves about the answer, is already twenty steps ahead of their smarter, more experienced rival” — Mark Bouris