Saturday, 17 October 2015

Codename LPG

Hi again, I thought I would talk more about our game this time rather than our business. This content should be much better than the last blog post.

So to start off, Late Panda is creating a RPG designed from the ground up for modern mobiles and tablets. Let’s call this game LPG (Late Panda Game) for now, but that’s just a codename. I don’t want to give too much away about it but we have a pre-alpha coming very soon, so keep checking the blog and our social networks.

I’ll give you a rundown of our development progress on the LPG so far, for starters we have the template game design document (GDD). Created by, well me, I started with a template GDD and improved on it significantly adding more sections and creating notes for me and other future designers, this way it’s easy to create GDDs in the future.

I then started working on the GDD for LPG, this was quite a difficult task to achieve since I had other business related work to perform at the same time. However that said I was able to put together enough detail to allow the team to begin working on the art, sound and programming.

Since the GDD is completed for the pre-alpha version of the game I will be focused on creating the first city based on the level design in the GDD. Currently we only have basic blocks and basic collision in a testing area where we test all the game’s mechanics. This updated version of the city will allow us to test many more features that are to be added in the future.

Ellie has been working on the programming of the game since we started development in August. They’re using the Unity3D Game engine and have recently been focused on refactoring. This is something programmers do to make code run as smooth as possible. When programming this way Andy can make the code easier to maintain and update later in the LPGs’ development.

Leonardo has been creating 3D models for each race to be included in the game, so far we have a fully modelled and texture Parua. Which you may think looks familiar.

This model has been animated to walk and been implemented into the current build of the game to test how large the cities should be and what would be a normal walking pace.

Christopher has been working on our epic soundtrack for the game, and I can’t praise this soundtrack enough. When the game is released I would be shocked if you mute the audio, and a little bit offended! Seriously it is that good.

We are also looking to expand our team, we are seeking a Unity Games Programmer and a Concept and Environmental Artist to allow us to create the best version of the game before our current deadline. If you know anyone that might be interested leave us a comment and we will get back to you about it.

Final little bit of news, however this falls outside of development news, during the Entrepreneurial Spark programme you are giving the chance to pitch to mentors which is followed by 45 minutes of questions (Entrepreneurial Spark call this a Piranha Pit). This would be similar to an investment meeting so it is very helpful to not only get pitching practice but also test the waters of an investor situation. We have heard nightmare stories about the Piranha Pits however ours was very helpful, the mentors we saw told us that we were doing everything very well and had a great handle on the business itself. The general feedback was “The idea is great, keeping doing what you are doing.”

I thought I would finish this blog off with a little boastful attitude, hope you didn’t think too low of me for it.

I know we just released our last blog three days ago but we thought we would be best with a standard “development blog day” so from now on we are going to post a new update every two weeks on Monday to catch everyone up, maybe even get a sneak peek at our progress with development!

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